Accessories for First-Time AR-15 Owners

Accessories for First-Time AR-15 Owners

Mar 23rd 2023

As the proud new owner of an AR-15 rifle, you may be wondering what you need to customize your weapon to suit your needs. Alone, an AR-15 is a durable and precise rifle, but the ability to alter this gun to your tastes is precisely why it is so beloved. You can upgrade with better optics, shock-absorbing stocks, ergonomic controls, and many more customizations. There are so many ways to make your AR-15 the gun of your dreams.

The Must-Haves

Optics can be one of the most expensive, but also one of the most necessary upgrades for your weapon. Before purchasing your rifle be sure to set aside some of the budget to invest in great sights. An amazing gun without amazing optics can result in a much less effective weapon. If your AR-15 did come with stock sights, they can be a great staple tool for learning how to aim, but as you become comfortable and look into specialized activities, you’ll need something more advanced. That red dot can help you shoot like a pro.

No rifle is complete without a reliable tactical light. For defensive use, this is an absolute must-have item. A well-mounted light will allow you to quickly identify a threat and shoot accurately no matter in what time of day or situation you find yourself. This light can even be considered a deterrent, startling your assailant enough to avoid using your gun altogether. When shopping for a tactical light, consider these four things: reliability, beam strength, size, and switch placement. Your light should be strong enough to handle the gun’s recoil. The beam itself needs to provide enough light to identify threats, while being small enough not to interfere with the gun itself, and the switch should be placed conveniently for ease of use.


A standard AR-15 rifle comes complete with a stock magazine. This magazine will do the job, holding rounds and feeding them into your gun, but it may not provide the experience you’re looking for. Think of the base magazine as a theme park ticket. It will get you into the park and let you ride a few rides, but if you want to participate in enhanced experiences, you will need to purchase an extra ticket. If you want those upgraded experiences with your weapon, consider the ETS 30RD AR15 Magazine Smoke. This translucent magazine is made from an advanced polymer, making it impact and chemical resistant. It is durable and protected against heat, UV, and cold. It features a no-tilt follower and is easily removed for maintenance. Remember that purchasing a new magazine can enhance the quality of your rifle, and can be a unique style element to set your AR-15 apart.


Your rifle should be comfortable. Shooting for long periods with a weapon that has no ergonomic consideration could cause more than just discomfort. Poorly designed ergonomics can damage to your body, while a well-thought-out design can even improve control over your firearm. This category includes many different product upgrades including a comfortable grip, ambidextrous charging handle, ambidextrous safety selector, extended magazine release button, and extended bolt catch release lever. Grips come in many different textures, widths, and angles. You can choose between a grip with finger grooves or even one with rubber over-mold for enhanced control. Ambidextrous charging handles and safety selectors allow you to shoot from either side of the body comfortably, and they can give full control if your dominant hand is compromised. Work with your rifle to see which of these comfort issues needs to be addressed first.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive comfort-adding accessory, a sling is a great choice. Slings come in many price points and styles. Choose something wide and thick for pain alleviation or thin and breathable for hotter climates; consider single-point or dual-point slings. This tool does more than just make your AR-15 more comfortable. A good sling allows you to pause safely and quickly, making a reliable sling a must-have for extended gun use.

Stocks can be another issue of comfort with your weapon. A good stock absorbs as much recoil as possible, allowing you to continue using your rifle as long as needed. Some stocks even come with additional compartments to house batteries or even snacks. Standard stocks can become uncomfortable and take a long time to break in, so we recommend checking out the Q Shorty Stock. This stock features a two-position adjustable, integrated locking back plate and a stylish look. It is a great low-profile choice for comfort and capability.

Training yourself

By far, the most important AR-15 requirement is a well-trained user. Before spending money on any upgrades, consider upgrading your skills. Budget in classes, individual training, and time at the gun range. A good trainer will teach you how to use your AR-15 safely, giving you the knowledge to keep your home and community secure. Get in as much training as possible. Your rifle cannot function properly without you. Also, teach yourself to tear down, clean, and service your gun.

Without proper care and cleaning, your gun could become unsafe and unreliable. Consistent maintenance will extend the life of your gun and make you more familiar with the gun itself. To get a thorough clean, you’ll need cleaning rags, a bore-guide, a cleaning rod with nylon brushes, a gun cleaning solvent, and gun lubricant. Also, be sure to have a gun mat or suitable surface on which to clean your rifle. Cleaning kits are available to keep these tools in one organized space. The Real Avid Gun Boss Pro AR15 Cleaning Kit features every tool you need in a stand-up case with secure snaps to keep things in place. It provides a superior experience for you and your AR-15.

The ability to customize this firearm to your tastes will show you why it’s a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts, and building familiarity with it will give you the confidence to use it well. These are just a few suggestions to begin making your gun your own. Your skills will grow with each new class and accessory. Never stop training and growing with your AR-15, it could be the difference between saving a life and faltering in the face of danger.

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