SITKA Hunting Gear in Virginia Beach

SITKA Hunting Gear in Virginia Beach

Jul 25th 2022

SITKA Hunting Gear

Whether your hunting adventures take you from the Atlantic seaboard to a midwest deer stand to the coasts of Alaska and beyond, Freedom Outdoors has you covered. From a Virginia black bear hunt to climbing the rugged Chugach mountains for an Alaska Dall sheep, SITKA hunting gear will keep you comfortable in all weather conditions and terrain. Make sure you're outfitted with the best-of-the-best, a brand made by hunters for hunters. Freedom Outdoors in Virginia Beach is a premier retail outlet for SITKA and can ship worldwide.

Layering Systems for Hunting

Layering your clothing must be considered when outfitting yourself for your next hunting adventure. It allows you to remove or add a layer of clothing as the weather changes and your level of exertion fluctuates. There are three primary layers to consider, and SITKA hunting gear is designed to create an entire layering system for year-round conditions.

SITKA Base Layer

A good base layer will keep you warm and dry, wicking sweat away from your body and providing insulation. SITKA uses a proven technology that allows for ultimate comfort while moving around outdoors, ensuring you stay comfortable in all four seasons.

SITKA Midlayer

The mid-layer is also critical in keeping you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. It provides insulation in cooler weather and helps wick sweat outward and away from the body in all temperatures. With mid-layer features designed to do the job right, you can't go wrong with adding several SITKA pieces to your hunting arsenal.

SITKA Outer Layer or Shell

Finally, the outer layer or shell is a critical component of a well-rounded hunting system. Whether it's tops or bottoms, SITKA hunting gear covers you with an outer layer designed to keep you warm and dry. Whether it's a down jacket, a pair of rugged hunting pants, or a shell that will keep out wind and rain in the worst conditions, you'll be glad you chose SITKA hunting gear as your outer layer.

Hunting Gear Accessories

Along with premium clothing, SITKA offers a range of accessories, including optics harnesses, hats, beanies, gloves, belts, neck gaiters, and leg gaiters. Add one or all of these to your collection to take your hunting experience to the next level.

Sitka Hunting Gear at Freedom Outdoors

Freedom Outdoors in Virginia Beach has you covered from the SITKA Dew Point Pant to theKelvin Aerolite Jacket and everything in between. We are one of the largest authorized SITKA hunting gear retailers, carrying all the SITKA camouflage patterns, including Optiface, Subalpine, Waterfowl, and Elevated. Our extensive in-store selection makes us your go-to hunting and outdoor retailer on the East Coast and worldwide through our online store. 

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